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Drug test is the examination of the biological specimen such as urine, saliva, hair or sweat to detect the presence of specific drugs and determine prior drug use. Drug tests may be performed to detect illicit drug use as well as the use of drugs and substances not permitted in specific occupations or athletic competitions. Due to increased uses of the drug screening the drug screening kits or cups are increasing day by day. The Drug screening cups are the best drug screening kits due to their easy use and accurate result.

Urine drug testing is the best and most accurate method of drug testing. T-cup drug test allows you to test for various drugs. T-cup drug screen test can be single panel or multi panel. In multi panel drug test you can detect more than one drug with a single sample at a single time. The T-cup drug test is used for both specimen collection and testing, simultaneously. It comes with a tamper proof seal, temperature sensor, id label, slotted lid, etc. Handling is easy with the help from web-based training and certification procedures for this method.

 The T-cup drug screen test can identify both prescription and illegal drug abuse level and the best thing is you can get your result at home in just five minutes. . The T-Cup is a sturdy, sterile testing cup with a sealed no-leak lid. It has the test strips built into the cup, so the process is quick and easy and does not require a stick to be dipped into the specimen.

 T-cup drug screen test detects the most commonly used drugs. The T-cup drug test is manufactured for accuracy, ease of use while maintaining competitive pricing. The T-cup drug screen test also includes a sealed no-leak cap which prevents leakage. The T-cup drug test can be used for synchronal and qualitative detection of most of the parent drugs or their metabolites found in human urine. It provides the easy result with an easy to read visual panel immunoassay.

Testing the drugs in any lab or clinics can be messy and expensive. Rapid exams offers sizeable discount on the T-cup drug tests which can be used at home and can give a consistent and accurate result instantly. Get results quickly with these T-cup drug test cups.

Benefits of Conducting a Drug Test Using a Multi Panel Drug Test


drug test is an examination of biologic material such as urine, saliva, hair or sweat to detect the presence of the drugs in a human body. It is used to determine the presence of the parent drugs or their metabolites. There are different types of drug tests cup available they can be single panel and multi panel. As the name suggests multi panel drug tests can detect more than one drug in one time. The multi panel drug screen tests are very helpful because they are cost effective, easy to use and can also check for more than one drug with a single specimen. 

The 10 panel drug test is a forensic screening test for the rapid detection of the drugs abused and their metabolites. The 10 panel drug test can detect 10 drugs using a single specimen or sample. Multi drug screen tests are easily available and most helpful. Testing using multi drug testing kits are also very easy. Now-a-days people don’t take one drug at one time so if you are using a single panel drug test instead of a multi panel drug test kit you may not get a better idea of the drugs present in a person’s body.

The ten panel drug tests are often administrated to test employees. A standard 10 panel drug tests detect mainly cocaine, marijuana, pcp, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene and Quaaludes. Going for a multiple drug test is always a better option because in we don’t have to test individually for different drugs. Multi panel drug screen tests are cost-effective because they can detect traces of different drugs at one shot.

 These multi panel drug screen tests are very easy to use. They are designed for easy handling. The multi panel drug screening is more advantageous because it is very convenient and cost-effective. These are also available in cup or strip form which are very easy to use and can be used in workplaces.

The 10 panel drug tests are very rapid and easy to read the results. Multi panel drug tests can test more than one drug in one just one shot. Rapidexams offers reliable accurate and easy to use multi panel drug tests. Multi panel drug tests have a wide application in workplaces. These are also FDA approved. Hence, the results given by these kits are highly reliable and accurate. Moreover, these kits do not take more than 5 minutes to show the results, making it possible to take quick action against drug usage.

Advantages of 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests


Urine drug testing is a very old and most accurate method of determining the presence of drug. Urine drug testing is the easiest way to determine the presence of drug in person’s system. Recent evidence has shown that teenagers don’t use one drug at a time so if we are just taking a single panel drug test instead of a Multi drug screen test we may not get a clear picture of the extent of the presence of drug.

As the name indicates we can detect 12 drugs at the same time. The 12 panel urine drug test cup is sanitary, convenient and can easily read the results instantly. Using 12 panel drug tests we can easily determine the presence of drug or its metabolites using urine specimen. By this test we can detect more than one drug in a single sample. In 12 panel drug test we don’t have to conduct the tests separately for different drugs. With the help of this we can get a better idea of all the drug addictions in just a single test.      

The 12 panel drug test is very cost effective. 12 panel drug test cups have the efficiency of detecting 12 drugs at a single time. These cups are very accurate as they give a very accurate result instantly. These test cups give a very comprehensive testing for a broad variety of drugs at a single time.

This 12 panel urine drug test is the fastest way to detect the drug abuse. Urine drug testing is the most accurate and oldest way to detect the drug. These 12- panel drug tests provide the result for any kind of residue of the commonly abused drugs in the urine sample. They provide instant results often within minutes of the urine test. These tests are available in cards and cups which are very easy to use and handle.                     

12 panel drug tests provide the most comprehensive test, as it can test for extended opiates and misuse of prescription painkillers. 

Rapidexams is an online store offering reliable, accurate, and easy to use Rapid drug testing cups at affordable prices. Multi panel drug testing helps us to identify the drug abusers at home very easily and it can also determine the presence of multiple drugs in a person’s body.

The Untold Secret of Urine Drug Test Cups


Now-a-days the market is flooded with different types of drug testing equipments and their demand is now increasing day by day. These drug testing devices mainly use hair, sweat, urine, saliva and blood but the oldest and most commonly used method of drug testing is the urine drug testing. Urine drug testing is the most inexpensive and quickest method of drug testing and these are also non-invasive. Rapid Exam Inc provides the urine drug test cups which provides rapid screening in a convenient cup and provides the result instantly.


Urine drug testing is a very accurate way to determine recent drug use history. This is a very easy and convenient way to test. We just have to collect the sample or urine specimen in a container and then read the temperature on the cup between 2-4 minutes of collection of the sample to confirm its temperature. Then seal the cup and the sample will then be screened. After few minutes we can get the result.

With the help of this urine drug test we get to know about the presence of various drugs in a person’s body. These Rapid drug test kits are very easy to store.


Each test kits can only be used for one time.


  1. Urine drug test cups are very in-expensive and also very rapid. These test cups provide positive or negative result which helps us to identify the presence of drugs or not.
  2. These kits are very easily accessible and we can use these according to our comfort at home. Parents can also use these kits to test their teens and protect them.
  3. It is very convenient and provides a very quick result. These drug testing cups can play vital role in preventing the addiction to drugs.

These drug test cup use for single and Multi drug screen test. Urine drug test kits are very affordable and very easy to use. We provides affordable and high quality urine drug test cups.

4 Advantages of Random Drug Testing


There is a variety of advantages to getting random drug testing on your employees. It is a reasonable method for seeing if your employees are following the guidelines or not. Planning drug testing in the work environment might be easier than you might think, and it should be done at random.

  1. Keep Employees Honest

You need to do all that you can keep your employees genuine. Else, you will keep running into issues where employees believe that they can escape with anything. You never comprehend what sorts of drugs individuals could be on, which is the reason it is imperative to test them. All the more significantly, it is vital to do as such haphazardly with the goal that employees can never figure in the matter of when they will be required a test.

In the event that you keep up a consistent timetable predictably, individuals will know precisely when they have to quit utilizing with the goal that they have it out of their framework. They will have the capacity to pass through the test, and you will never get precise outcomes. This can be dangerous all through your business.

  1. Upgrade Workplace Safety

When you start random drug testing, you can improve safety at the work environment. Different drugs have different symptoms, and can be greatly hazardous. Individuals might not have the speediest reflexes, which can be an issue in the event that they are out and about or working substantial gear. They may encounter obscured vision, hot sweats, fantasies, and significantly more.

Indeed, even with a portion of the more recreational drugs that are out there, it can bring about lessened profitability. This can likewise cause mishaps since individuals are not going to give careful consideration to what they are doing.

At the point when security issue begin to rise, you will have more wounds. This will begin costing you cash, and the cost of your labourers pay is likely going to increment drastically too.

  1. Enhance Morale

Worker confidence isn't something you ever need to see drop. At the point when Morale drops can be hard to get it go down. It influences your whole culture, and affects the choice regarding whether employees need to keep working for you or not. Random drug testing can be an extraordinary approach to help spirit, particularly for the individuals who don't take drugs. They would prefer not to work with individuals who are mishandling the framework, not being gainful, and who are infringing upon the law.

Your employees you don't take drugs are likely taking a gander at the ones who do and getting upset with you as a business. The random drug testing can be a definitive confidence sponsor in light of the fact that the individuals who are on drugs are probably going to test positive, and be compelled to locate another activity. 

  1. Adhere to Regulations

There are numerous businesses where it is entirely illegal for employees to be under the utilization of drugs. Using random drug testing, you can ensure that workers are not utilizing. This will enable you to stay compliant with the majority of the different controls.

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6 Reasons Why Introducing an Alcohol and Drug Policy in Workplace


Many organizations debate about the requirement for an Alcohol and Drug Policy, and now and then it's for useful reasons. They don’t like the idea of perform tests mostly in view of the utilization of resources included, and partly as a result of the shame and infrequently uncomfortable situations identified with drug tests and their outcomes.

The truth of the matter is that drug abuse is far reaching in the group. Insights demonstrate that countless of working age either utilize or have utilized drugs or something to that affect. Alcohol is the undisputed reason for more than 90% of occurrences of viciousness, and real Alcohol addiction isn't precisely obscure in the cutting edge work environment.

An Alcohol and drug policy is fundamentally a type of protection against these issues

Explanations behind presenting an Alcohol and Drug Policy

Issues include:

  1. Drug and Alcohol manhandle is equipped for causing genuine, and costly, circumstances in the working environment. Like-Theft, Fraud, Violence, Performance issues, Workplace relationship issues.
  2. Many supervisors will tell to you that in cases like these, their occupations wind up plainly unlimited hours of harm control, and at times include going about as "officials" between conflicting staff. The genuine cost of drug and Alcohol abuse may have a dollar value, yet the impacts on personal satisfaction in the work environment are similarly expensive, and some of the time irreparable.
  3. One of the frequently overlooked issues with Alcohol and drug use in the work environment is that execution and in particular judgment, is influenced by drug and Alcohol utilize. An alcoholic or inebriated individual utilizing any type of equipment is an undeniable potential hazard. In the exchanges and the development business, the conceivable dangers are serious to the point that drug and Alcohol testing is compulsory, and abuse of these substances basically can't go on without serious consequences. It's simply excessively unsafe.
  4. In office Job the dangers are extraordinary, yet they're possibly extremely expensive. A man under the impacts of drugs and Alcohol is not really the individual you need running your records or dealing with your funds. Misrepresentation or burglary with respect to individuals financing their drinking or drug propensities is likewise very normal.
  5. In client related ventures, being spoken to by a man who's obviously drunk or an ice user when under the impacts of ice isn't precisely the best look for the business, either. In deals, the misguided judgment and regularly appalling presentation of individuals under the impacts of drugs or Alcohol are obvious liabilities.
  6. Other staff influenced by these extremely undesirable work environment situations may leave, including additionally cost to businesses best of the harm done by the drug and Alcohol abuse.

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5 Reasons Why Drug Testing Is a Good Idea


Drug tests are specialized examinations of blood, hair, oral liquid, and sweat to decide the nearness or absence of particular illicit substances. Many organizations, schools, and associations have begun to actualize drug testing strategies to help ensure the wellbeing of employees and students, and in addition to decide whether employees and students are fit to go to work or school.

  1. Drug testing cups can help much in deciding the nearness or absence of restricted drugs in tests accumulated from subjects and they can come in various structures. Makers of these test cups need to agree to FDA runs and should hold fast to cut off levels endorsed by the SAMSHA.
  2. Drug testing cups are not just utilized by analytic or therapeutic research centers. There are additionally test cups that are accessible for home utilize. Whichever way, these testing cups are frequently intended to have basic testing systems however they can yield exceptionally precise outcomes. They are accessible in most wellbeing supply shops and drug stores, and there are likewise sites that enable you to put orders on the web and have testing cups conveyed at your doorstep.
  3. There are various types of rapid drug test cup are available for drugs test. The most well-known incorporate urine, saliva, blood, and hair drug test cups. Diverse cups yield distinctive lengths of drug utilize history. Salivation drug test or screening cups can uncover drug use over the most recent 24 hours, while hair drug test cups can uncover drug use inside the previous 90 days.
  4. Drug test cups are being utilized as a part of different foundations, associations, and even at home. For example, bosses commonly pick drug test cups that have straightforward screening strategies however can yield exact outcomes. Colleges, schools, and universities utilize drug test cups to decide if students can possibly progress toward becoming drug user or dependents. Rehabilitation centers additionally utilize these test cups to with the goal that reports can be made in a quick way, which thusly can help in settling on better choices.
  5. To be sure, drug testing cups are basic yet successful methods for deciding the absence or nearness of illicit substances in a man's system. They can help uncover the nearness of restricted drugs like amphetamines, cannabis, champion, and barbiturates. These cups make it convenient for specialists to pinpoint drug clients in groups, schools, and workplaces. In this way, the wellbeing of people in general can be better ensured and drug clients can be spared from the destructive impacts of illegal substances.

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