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Single Panel vs. Multi Panel Drug Tests for employee drug testing


Employers are in charge of their representatives' security at the work workplace. One method for making working workplace safe is to influence it to free from drug abusing representatives.

Businesses can utilize distinctive techniques to test workers for drug abuse -pre-work drug screening, planned and irregular drug testing. Drug test cups intended for work workplace drug testing enable businesses to keep beware of drug mishandle by representatives.

Both single and multi panel test cups are for the most part utilized at working workplace. In this article, we will influence an examination between the two sorts of cups to make to it simple for you to pick the best ones in time of your requirement.

Single-panel drug test cups:

  • Single-panel test cup can distinguish a solitary drug utilizing a test like urine or spit.
  • These are anything but difficult to utilize, conservative and give brisk outcomes.

Multi-panel drug test cups:

  • These cups serve to test for at least two drugs at once.
  • Based on the quantity of drugs they identify, they are named as 3-panel, 5-panel, and 12 panel drug test cups.
  • Drugs, for example, methamphetamine, barbiturates, Buprenorphine, cocaine, euphoria, pot, sedative, Oxycodone, and phencyclidine can be recognized utilizing a solitary specimen with these cups.

Multi-panel versus single-panel:

Despite the fact that either sort of these cups can be utilized for working workplace drug testing; multi panel drug test cups are more worthwhile in light of the accompanying:


Multi panel cups are accessible in both strip and container frames. The test cups are advantageous to utilize in light of the fact that they dodge the bother of taking care of test. The example can be straightforwardly gathered in a container that has a shut top. The test card is appended to the container itself. You can basically urinel off the name and read the outcomes.

Regarding single:

panel test strips, you ought to have a different specimen gathering holder for every worker to be tried, you have to gather the example, plunge the strip and hold it until the point that the outcomes are appeared, which is a burden when compared with multi-panel cups.

Cost and effectiveness:

Multi-panel cups are more productive on the grounds that with one test container you can test for 10-12 drugs. In this way, drug abusers are more averse to escape from the test as the vast majority of these cups are intended to identify ordinarily abused drugs. If there should arise an occurrence of single panel cups, you can recognize just a single drug at any given moment. In this manner, odds of drug abusers being undetected will be more.

Coming to cost, however multi panel cups cost more compared with their single panel partners, the benefit of testing more than one drug makes them prudent.

Propelled alternatives:

Advanced choices, for example, the split keys, debasement and temperature checks are accessible just in multi-panel cups. In this manner, they have a novel preferred standpoint over single-panel cups.

Split key cup:

Multi-panel split key cups ensure that the test does not interact with test part until the point when the key is embedded. This empowers test overseers to begin the tests whenever the timing is ideal and enables them to peruse the outcomes precisely.

Adulteration check:

These test cups can recognize adulteration of test samples. Adulteration causing change in angles, for example, particular gravity, PH and oxidant in urine test can be identified by cups that are incorporated with contaminated check. This element ensures that the test isn't tainted.

Temperature check:

Incorporated with temperature registration, multi-panel cups administrators test overseers to quantify the temperature of urine test. The temperature of the specimen is required to be between 95° F to 100° F inside four minutes after accumulation. Regardless, it ought not to be less than 90.5° F. The example beneath this temperature is associated with contaminated.

Accordingly, multi-panel drug test cups are invaluable over their single-panel ones. They enable bosses to spare time and cost of organization of the test.

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