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Advantages of 12 Panel Urine Drug Tests


Urine drug testing is a very old and most accurate method of determining the presence of drug. Urine drug testing is the easiest way to determine the presence of drug in person’s system. Recent evidence has shown that teenagers don’t use one drug at a time so if we are just taking a single panel drug test instead of a Multi drug screen test we may not get a clear picture of the extent of the presence of drug.

As the name indicates we can detect 12 drugs at the same time. The 12 panel urine drug test cup is sanitary, convenient and can easily read the results instantly. Using 12 panel drug tests we can easily determine the presence of drug or its metabolites using urine specimen. By this test we can detect more than one drug in a single sample. In 12 panel drug test we don’t have to conduct the tests separately for different drugs. With the help of this we can get a better idea of all the drug addictions in just a single test.      

The 12 panel drug test is very cost effective. 12 panel drug test cups have the efficiency of detecting 12 drugs at a single time. These cups are very accurate as they give a very accurate result instantly. These test cups give a very comprehensive testing for a broad variety of drugs at a single time.

This 12 panel urine drug test is the fastest way to detect the drug abuse. Urine drug testing is the most accurate and oldest way to detect the drug. These 12- panel drug tests provide the result for any kind of residue of the commonly abused drugs in the urine sample. They provide instant results often within minutes of the urine test. These tests are available in cards and cups which are very easy to use and handle.                     

12 panel drug tests provide the most comprehensive test, as it can test for extended opiates and misuse of prescription painkillers. 

Rapidexams is an online store offering reliable, accurate, and easy to use Rapid drug testing cups at affordable prices. Multi panel drug testing helps us to identify the drug abusers at home very easily and it can also determine the presence of multiple drugs in a person’s body.